Ashtavakra an intersection where legacy, knowledge, experience & innovation come together for rehabilitation

We live in enlightened world of knowledge, where each and everyone is Special. Everone has the right to light their future bright. As the sun doesn’t differenciate anyone in sharing the ray of light, so do we. India is one of the few countries in the world that is blessed with rich cultural heritage, one of the oldest human civilizations, and highly hardworking pool of young people seeking new knowledge and education to raise India’s stature to the top three economies in the world. This requires the development and proliferation of quality higher educational systems in India.

Tecnia Group of Institutes has always been alive to the academic needs of the country, and has provided a visionary diversification in innovative education with global paradigms. The establishment of Ashtavakra reflects a positive strides in the direction aimed at producing quality rehabilitation professional capable of stenghthening and broadening the base of rehabilitation education in India. At Ashtavakra the guiding vision and mission is to pursue excellence constantly in all its endeavors while providing world class education to its students and producing rehabilitation professionals who can serve to reduce the mismatch between the availability and demand for skilled human resources. Ashtavakra in the short span of two years has stirred up a new awakening in the field of rehabilitation and are being witnessed as a array of progress in the areas of rehabilitation, which have a direct bearing on the spectacular development in rehabilitation field.

The various programmes offered at Institute are designed to be a gateway to achieve success and overcome global scarcity of skilled and trained human resource in field of Rehabilitation. However we strive towards making learning a continous which helps generate fresh idea and exudes enthusiasm. Besides latest academic inputs, the students are also given full fledged clinical exposure through varios projects, visits and guest lectures and this keep them in sync with the practicalities of the world. All this is done in a congenial atmosphere which accelerates the student’s growth process and paves the way for them to become skilled professionals.

It provides friendly and inviting atmosphere in the classroom where students are comfortable in sharing their thoughts , opinions, and questions with the class teacher as well as among themselves. Faculty fosters the interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning in the classroom and prepares students for future challenges and aims to unleash the hidden talent and develop the full potential of the special. In order to achieve our goal of spreading the ray of Hope and Happiness, we have four specialized wings.

1. The Ashtavakra School
2. Ashtavakra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research
3. Ashtavakra Vocational Institute
4. Ashtavakra Rehabilitation Centre

Indeed a fascinating world! That’s the world of Ashtavakra an intersection where legacy, knowledge, experience, and innovation come together to draw a blueprint of a world more cohesive in terms of understanding past and future knowledge, frontiers explored and unexplored, opportunities seized and invented for a rehabilitation.

Dr. Anmol Arora
Medical Director