Our campus offers a safe, nurturing environment within reach of all season outdoor recreation. The institute has been built in picturesque surroundings. The infrastructure is specially designed keeping in mind the barrier free accessibility and is well connected by Delhi metro Rail , situated near to Pitampura Metro Station.

Lecture Hall
Multi-media rich lecture halls, Pleasantly furnished, Spacious, Well lit halls provides appropriate environment for studies

Speech and Audiology Laboratory
Audiological Assessment:
Audiological assessment is done in the Out Patient Department (OPD) for the persons with hearing impairment by the highly qualified and experienced professionals and provided appropriate guidance to the persons for better management of his/her hearing.

Speech and language Assessment:
Highly qualified and experienced professionals are available for conducting the speech and language assessment for the persons who need it. Speech therapy and speech teaching facility is also available in the Out Patient Department (OPD).

Ear Mould Laboratory
An ear mould laboratory which is completely full of by modern technology available in the Out Patient Department (OPD) for providing the support service.

Prosthetic And Orthotic Laboratory
Prosthetic and orthotic camp is organized frequently by the centre at the premises for providing free artificial limbs to the required person as per their medical assessment.

Vocational training Center
The School doubles up as a Rehabilitation Centre by rendering Rehabilitative Services. We ensure that each child in our school is being imparted with a particular Vocational Skill that will facilitate him/her to earn their own livelihood and be independent.

Tecnia Kunj provides Rehabilitation through Education and Vocational training. The school runs several pre-vocational and vocational training courses for all the students from Class V onwards. Each student has to pick one of the courses as a part of the class syllabus.

The vocational skills taught at Tecnia Kunj are: Art and Craft, Beauty Culture, Home Science (cookery), Computers, Music & Dance, Embroidery, Cutting and Tailoring,Rangoli making