Ashtavakra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research was established in year 2009 and is approved by Rehabilitation Council of India. The school has been designed to meet the requirements of pupils with special education needs. It has a team of highly qualified staff members and specialist in various disciplines. The school is a super specialized centre where children with orthopedic impairment, hearing impairment, vocal impairment and mental retardation are given special education and training at its special wing- The School for Handicapped.

The plan was what we envisaged for the future is to impart higher educational courses and vocational courses through its special wing- Ashtavakra Special School where the pupils could adopt for a rewarding career as a Rehabilitation Professional.

Our actions are the best interpreters of our thoughts. Ashtavakra Special School has come a long way and can look with pride at its accomplishments. The objective of the school is much more than academics. It addresses the issue of social and emotional growth of students with special needs. The school deserves to be applauded for endeavoring to nurture children with special needs to make them self confident, conscientious and empathetic citizens of tomorrow. But in modern world complacency has no place. The present and the future continue to pose new challenges. The family of Ashtavakra Special School is always engaged in the process of achieving, scaling new heights, leaving behind the clinging shadow of the past, with a firm foot in the present and moving onwards in the beam of hope of future.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible standard of education and training in the field of rehabilitation. I am confident that the determined and dedicated team of Dr. Anmol Arora will continue to tap the creativity and vitality of our students.

Kusum Gupta