Psychological Services

Psychological Services includes a wide spectrum of assessment the includes cognitive, behavioral, and emotional and assessment for learning disabilities. Appropriate test are used to assess the intellectual functioning of the children with various disabilities. Behavioral assessment is also to find the existing skill deficits and undesirable behavior in the children to form an adequate treatment plan for the same. Based on detailed case history, Mental Status Examination and psychological assessments the diagnosis is drawn and appropriate treatments planned for each client.

Most of the treatment packages were based on behavioral approaches. Parental counseling sessions were conducted in every session to make them understand the nature of the disability, basic etiological factors, treatment of choices and prognostic factors.

Parents were trained to handle the child and provided with various information regarding govt. policies for the welfare of the disabled. Supportive therapies were provided parents to ventilate their emotional turmoil and to have a better self understanding. They were also trained in basic behavior modification strategies to apply with their children.