Special Education Services

Special Education Services services Include preparation of specially designed curriculum to meet unique needs of children with Multiple Disabilities. Specially Designed teaching learning material and teaching method are used to optimized the educational potential of children with Multiple Disability.

Children with multiple disabilities are assessed with of functional approach Individualized educational programme with periodical evaluation has been followed for the children attending special education services. The role of parents is emphasized all along the training program. Multisensory and Low cost teaching learning materials are designed for increasing effectiveness of teaching and learning process. Curricular activities are taught with special emphasis on making them as independently as possible.

Co-curricular activities are organized in both small and large groups. Different types of activities like music, art, craft, yoga and dance are organized in classrooms. Children take part in celebration of various festivals and cultural programmes. Besides this persons with single disability/ attending inclusive education in the regular school are being provided with remedial education.